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Crew of You-go, Falmouth 2006

Updated: 27-07-2019

Latest News:


Updated: 10-03-2019

Sailing Programme for 2019

See the Sailing Trips page for the sailing programme for 2019.

REMINDER: There will be no Winter meetings this year. (Contact us)

Polbream reflected in the Helford River "Polbream" reflected in the Helford River

KPCA Celebrates 30 Years of Cruising

Keynes Park Cruising Association began life in 1989 after Keynes Park dinghy sailing club lost their facilities in what is now the Cotswold Water Park. A group of keen sailors, keen to keep dry, formed KPCA to organise and enjoy charter cruises for fellow members, most of whom live in and around Gloucester, Bristol and Swindon in the UK.

KPCA is affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association.

We welcome new members keen to sail without the hassle of boat ownership. (Contact us)

See an interactive map of our past charters

We charter yachts for members of the Association in the best sailing areas around the British Isles. Whether it is a weekend, long-weekend or week long charter, each voyage is both memorable and rewarding. Experience is gained on a variety of vessels and we get to visit parts of the country that are often difficult to reach by road. When sufficient demand exists we charter more than one yacht and cruise in company from one port to the next, normally meeting up for socialising in the evenings.

Here is a short video clip of a lively hop across Falmouth Bay from the Helford River to St Mawes from one of our previous charters from Falmouth aboard "Freyja III", Sadler 32 in Sep 1999

and a quiet sunset cruise from a charter in Suffolk aboard "Just Fleur", Kelt 31 in July 1999

Go to the Gallery for more videos and photos.

News and Crew Notices

Updated: 26-07-2019

No further Winter meetings are planned for 2018/2019

(Contact us)

Scillies 2019

Updated: 26-07-2019

Report from Steve Worner aboard "Wheal Go" (Bavaria 47)

(Photos - Steve Worner)

Crew: Roger, Ruth, Lis, Caroline & Nigel; Skipper: Steve

Withdrawal symptoms had been taking their toll with no visit to the Scillies for 4 years following last year's disappointment of strong wind preventing a visit. To try to reduce the chances of disappointment in 2019 we decided to go for the Jaws option 'need a bigger boat' so we booked Cornish Cruising's 47ft Bavaria "Wheal Go" which has no more accommodation that the 40ft Delphia we had last year but is a physically much bigger boat.

Sunrise leaving Scillies - crew
Sunrise leaving Scillies - crew


Adventures of "Lilly Anne" - May Day 2019

Updated: 27-05-2019

Report by Simon Stannard (Photos Simon Stannard) aboard "Lilly Anne", a Bavaria 34.

"Lily Anne" Crew: Ruth , Simon, Caroline and Nigel; Skipper: Roger

The Voyage of Lilly Anne
The Voyage of "Lilly Anne"

I don't have to do the victualling, I am not the First Mate and I am not Skipper, this is good as I have no responsibilities and can enjoy sailing with an experienced crew - it doesn't get much better than this! Then the Skipper says would I 'mind' writing the Trip Report? I might not be particularly good at reports but given the circumstances I can't really say no. So here goes:

Friday was a pleasant sunny day if a bit cool, not the heat wave we had experienced in 2018.


May Day 2019 (aka Booze Cruise 2018 revisited)

Updated: 13-05-2019

Report from Steve Worner aboard "Donna Louise" (Bavaria 37)

(Photos - Steve Worner)

"Donna Louise" Crew: Norma, Phil, Lis and David; Skipper: Steve

"Lily Anne" Crew: Ruth , Simon, Caroline and Nigel; Skipper: Roger

Lily Ann in St Mawes
Lily Ann in St Mawes

For those of you who are unaware the 2018 September Booze Cruise was postponed due to the vagaries of the British weather and storm force winds. We were unable to find a suitable early date which was doable for the whole 8 members booked for the original date but fortunately Nick ( Cornish Cruising) was amenable to us reconvening on the Mayday 2019 weekend - the big advantage was that this attracted a further two crew members and a correspondingly higher kitty for the weekend.


Heat Wave - What Heat Wave? - Frostbite - Feb 2019

Updated: 10-03-2019

Report by Simon Stannard (Photos Simon Stannard, David Gist) aboard "Appaloosa", a Bavaria 36.

Skipper: David Gist

Crew: Mick Barber, Roger Francis, Nigel Owen, Simon Stannard.

2019 Frostbite Voyage of Appaloosa
2019 Frostbite Voyage of"Appaloosa"

The weather forecast promised a heat wave with temperatures higher than Cairo, climate change gone mad. Should I leave the thermals, winter hat and gloves behind? Well it’s February so probably a good idea to have them with me, you never know with British weather.


Scilly Winds - July 2018

Updated: 17-01-2019

Report from Stephen Worner aboard "Ventis Secundis" (Delphia 40)

(Photos Steve Worner)

Salcombe night Salcombe at night

The Motley crew of Steve, Ruth, Lis, Caroline, Nigel & Roger had been getting withdrawl symptoms, having not had our Scilly fix for 3 years so we booked "Ventis Secundis" (Delphia 40) for our Summer week. "Ventis Secundis" was not out during the previous week so we were able to start handover early afternoon after collecting the obligatory supplies of Cornish Pasties and Ruth having done the main catering.


'There's no cream for tiller itch !' - Frostbite - February 2018

Updated: 16-07-2018

Report from David Gist aboard "Blue" - Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 361

(Photos Simon Stannard):

Crew: David G, Nigel, Simon, Roger and Colin

David and Nigel, West Solent
David and Nigel, West Solent
'There's no cream for tiller itch!' said Nigel in one of the pre-weekend exchanges, 'You just have to get out there'.

On the other hand, if in answer to a friend's question ' what are you doing this weekend ?' you reply, 'going sailing on the Solent ' , the usual and predictable response is ' in February, you must be mad ! '...


Pembrokeshire - July 2017

Updated: 05-07-2018

Report from Stephen Worner and Lis Jones aboard "Otter" (Jeanneau 379)

(Photos Steve Worner and Lis Jones)

Due to various personal circumstances we were one crew member down and two more would be joining later. Steve, Nigel and Ruth met up at Neyland and settled in before a car ride to the Lawrenny Arms for an excellent meal at a Hostelry belonging to family of one of my friends. This was pre-booked and gave us a chance to look at the moorings (see Saturday for the reasoning)

Qatar SWM buoy Qatar - did we really sail that far?

Saturday - The small crew left early and picked up a mooring at Lawrenny before joining a huge crowd of Welsh Rugby supporters at the pub for a breakfast and to watch the British & Irish Lions draw the match against the All Blacks and tie the series - a moral series victory even if the records show it as a draw! The language was colourful - to say the least! We then investigated the Milford Haven Estuary ...


Sunshine, Tragedy and a Strange Vessel - Mayday 2018

Updated: 24-05-2018

Report from Simon Stannard aboard "Barbarossa" (Bavaria 38)

(Photos Simon Stannard, Steve Worner and Lis Jones):


"Barbarossa" Crew: David Blogg, Roger Francis, Ruth Jennings, Steve Worner. Skipper: Simon Stannard

The 4th May was a lovely Friday afternoon, sunny and calm.

All the crew had arrived early at Mayflower Marina in Plymouth. Steve had overseen an early handover that was virtually complete by the time skipper arrived. "Barbarossa" made a quick getaway near low water passing north of Drake's Island in to Plymouth Sound. The sails went up, more in hope than in expectation, and we drifted out of Plymouth Sound and around the Mew Stone with Ruth at the helm all the way into the Yealm.


May Day 2017 - Plymouth - aboard "Pantalamon" (Bavaria 36) / "Ventis Secundis" (Delphia 40) and "Barbarossa" (Bavaria 38)

Updated: 03-05-2017

Report from Steve Worner (Photos Steve Worner):

Mew Stone and Wembury Bay
Mew Stone and Wembury Bay

It's the end of April so it must be time to head off to Mayflower Marina, Plymouth for Mayday weekend sailing trip.

We had 9 members who signed up but as we got closer to the weekend two jumped ship (Roger and Caroline) due to ill health. There seems to be a trend starting here with David Gist having badly damaged his knee when stepping down from the boat onto a pontoon on the Frostbite in February - all having been programmed to share a boat with Nigel! A coincidence or is there an underlying trend?


Booze Cruise 2016 - Falmouth - aboard "Po Go" (Bavaria 38) and "Donna Louise" (Bavaria 37)

Updated: 05-10-2016

Report from Steve Worner (Photos Steve Worner and Colin Winter):

There was a great deal of interest at a very early stage so we booked two boats from Cornish Cruising before Christmas 2015 with very good rates for paying the full charter in advance. The boats chartered were "Po Go" ( 38ft Bavaria ) and "You Go" (36ft Bavaria ) to be skippered by myself and Nigel respectively with 5 crew on each.

Crew of Po Go
Crew of Po Go


Booze Cruise 2015 - Falmouth - aboard "You Go" and "Me Go" (Bavaria 36)

Updated: 09-10-2015

Report from Steve Worner (Photos Steve Worner):

Me Go passes You Go
Me Go passes You Go

We booked two matching 36ft Bavarias from Cornish Cruising ("You Go" and "Me Go") respectively skippered by Nigel and myself. It was supposed to be 4 per boat but with Caroline having to drop out at the last moment Nigel sailed with Roger Francis and David Gist and Lis Jones, Ruth Jennings and Colin Winter having to put up with me.


Summer Cruise 2015 - Scilly Islands - aboard "Zazu" (Beneteau 39)

Updated: 27-09-2015

Report from Steve Worner (Photos Lis Jones):

The usual Motley Crew, with the addition of Caroline, to keep Nigel under control, decided that another trip to the Scillies was called for so we booked Zazu, a 39ft Beneteau.

Yacht Zazu
Yacht Zazu

Our first shock came when it was pointed out at the last minute that the handover was to be at the Smugglers cottage and not Falmouth town itself. For those who know the area this is just up river of King Harry ferry and was, until recently, best recognised by Confederate or Pirate flags flying on its pontoon. Thanks to Sat nav I managed to navigate down the narrow roads to the Cottage, the last bit being a concrete road which was laid in the second world war to load ships for the D day landings.


Scotland 2015 - Rock Hopping is best left to the Penguins - aboard "Pepe" (Jeanneau 36)

Updated: 09-09-2015

Busy cockpit
Busy cockpit in Scottish sunshine

Report from Barry Clarkson (Photos Pam Latham):

Proceeding south down the Firth of Lorn having left Loch Aline at 09.50 heading for a passage through Cuan Sound into Loch Melfort. The wind was Northerly F4 we were under reefed genoa only, skirting the rubbish north of Inch Island I was watching, thinking we were clear, Roger who was helming saw a rock dead ahead just breaking the water. We turned hard to port into the wind, I assume we stopped I was busy starting the engine and getting the sail furled. There was no jolt felt just a nasty graunching sound ...


May Day - Plymouth 2015

Updated: 16-05-2015

Team Gerty, discussing day's sailing in Yealm entrance
Team Gerty, discussing day's sailing in Yealm entrance

Well another year has passed and we are back again at Plymouth for another Mayday sailing weekend, mainly thanks to organiser, Nigel, who managed to track down two boats from new sources following massive increases in charter fees from our regular supplier - in fairness there had been no increases from them throughout the recession but 20% in one hit !?!?


Summer Cruise - Plymouth 2013

Updated: 29-09-2013

Crew of Crew of "Ventis Secundis"

The target of this trip was to venture across the Channel (and tick a box for Lis) but we had set our own departure deadline of leaving by Sunday at the latest or otherwise stay on the South Coast as the boat had to be returned by 11.00 on Friday morning.


Summer Cruise aboard "Ventis Secundis" from Plymouth - June 2014

Updated: 05-11-2014

Ventis crew "Ventis Secundis" crew

Friday 20th June lunchtime saw the crew assembling at QAB, Plymouth, ready for a fine weeks sailing. The forecast was good and hopes were high for a trip across the Channel to foreign shores (particularly Lis who had made some unsuccessful attempts earlier). With an eye to an easy evening meal and expecting to be at sea,


KPCA Alcohol Assisted Weekend - commonly known as "The Booze Cruise"

Updated: 24-10-2014

"Po Go" approaching the transit of the daymark on Gribbin Head and Cannis South Cardinal, with added seagull overseeing us.

This was my first time sailing in a plastic boat for six years, maybe more, I'm surprised anyone remembered me. Pauline and I had just returned from Belgium and the Barge when a chance telephone conversation with Steve mentioned one berth available for the September trip. I was passed into the crew of Skipper Gist with much leg pulling.


August - Scotland 2014

Updated: 07-09-2014

Firebird in Holy Loch Firebird in Holy Loch

The boat this year, "Firebird" was chartered from Flamingo Yacht Charters out of Largs. The crew were Pam, Ruth, Roger and Barry, we all arrived at about the same time ready for the hand over at 2.00pm. The boat was a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32i. Plenty of wind we set off about 4.30 .


MayDay Wildlife Weekend - Plymouth 2014

Updated: 10-05-2014

Early Morning - Helford River Early Morning - Helford River

Well another year has sailed by and we were headed back to Plymouth with myself, Lis Jones, Colin Winter, Caroline and Nigel Owen on the 40ft Polish Built Delphia which goes under the name of "Ventis Secundis" ( google it for a translation all of you non Latin scholars).


Summer Cruise - Plymouth 2013

Updated: 29-09-2013

Crew of Crew of "Ventis Secundis"

The target of this trip was to venture across the Channel (and tick a box for Lis) but we had set our own departure deadline of leaving by Sunday at the latest or otherwise stay on the South Coast as the boat had to be returned by 11.00 on Friday morning.


May Day - Plymouth 2013

Updated: 19-06-2013

MayDay 2013 MayDay 2013

Friday saw Simon Stannard, Norma and Phil Bridge, Lis Jones and myself headed for the regular Mayday weekend out of Plymouth and as the boat ( "Ocean Whisper", ex Sunsail Jeanneau 37) was available early we all gathered at QAB just after lunch and were ready to leave by 15.00. The forecast for the weekend was for good 'weather' and wind in a generally Westerly direction gusting up to 25 kts and this proved to be the case ( well done Met Office!), so we set off for Fowey


September - Falmouth 2012

Updated: 04-10-2012

Leaving Mevagissey Leaving Mevagissey

This year's Booze Cruise saw two boats sailing out of Falmouth (as usual) but because of difficulties in getting two boats from one Charterer we had myself, Nigel, David Blogg and Lis on "Tigger Too" out of the Yacht Haven with Norma Bridge skippering "Sail A Vie" with husband Phil and David Gist as crew out of Falmouth Marina.


August - Scotland 2012

Updated: 05-09-2012

Findeln "Findeln", Westerly Ocean Ranger

There were a crew of six aboard "Findeln" this year, Gordon and Anne travelled down on the overnight ferry from Shetland to Aberdeen, the rest of us travelled north on Friday and took digs in Bridgend. On Saturday after shopping in Lochgilphead, the southern contingent went for a walk along the Crinan Canal and lunch in the splendid coffee shop in Crinan.


May Day - Plymouth - May 2012

Updated: 15-05-2012

Ominous Sky over Fowey Ominous sky over Fowey

Mayday Weekend 2012 This year's Mayday Weekend featured Lis Jones, Simon Stannard , David Gist and myself sailing a 1999, Westerly Typhoon going by the name of "Sea Fox". It's a long time since I sailed on a Westerly so was quite looking forward to it.


Solent - Winter Warmer - November 2011

Updated: 14-11-2011

Mick and Peter aboard MiSue Mick and Peter aboard "MiSue"

There was apparently little interest in the Winter Warmer this year but what a great long weekend's sailing it proved to be. With the news that Mick Barber had put "MiSue" back in the water in September there was no need for a Charter Boat, so planning was a fairly simple affair for me at least.


Falmouth 'Booze Cruise' - September 2011

Updated: 25-09-2011

Jester, slips rigged, ready to go "Jester", slips rigged, ready to go

Mid September saw the annual KPCA visit to Falmouth and all points South West on "Jester", (Dufour Classic 41) and "Tigger Too" (Dufour Classic 36) skippered by Nigel Owen and myself with crews of Mick Barber, Colin Winter and David Gist on "Jester" and Lis Jones and Hilary Roberts on "Tigger Too".


Scottish Cruise - August 2011

Updated: 31-08-2011

Crew at Jura Hotel Crew at Jura Hotel

The Scottish Charter this year was from Ardfern at the head of Loch Craignish. It was the same boat as last year, i.e. "Findeln" - Westerly Ocean Ranger 38, but due to an alteration in the opening hours for the Crinan Canal, Argyll Yacht Charters found that the canal was no longer viable as an operating base. Four intrepid sailors Pam, Roger, Mick and Barry set off on Friday morning for the long drive north, taking an overnight B&B as last year near to Loch Gilphead.


Summer Cruise - Plymouth - June 2011

Updated: 28-06-2011

Jester "Jester" in Salcombe

Plans were made at the end of May for the June week - with Steve having got us an early take over on Saturday and an extra Sunday as well - we would head West, pop round to St. Ives (for Steve) then on to the Scillies. As the sailing week approached emails were sent by those keeping an eye on the weather: "Anyone watching the forecast? Not looking brilliant on Sunday, rain and strong winds, otherwise not so bad." We all duly arrived on Saturday at Mayflower Marina and mid-afternoon set sail West as planned aiming to get to Falmouth. More...

May Day - Plymouth - May 2011

Updated: 11-05-2011

River Yealm River Yealm

The 2011 Mayday looked like being a special weekend in that it coincided with the Royal Wedding so we were all available on Friday morning without the need to take extra leave and the boat was available for handover as early as we wanted - we did not bargain on the Weather Gods being against us. Friday started when Lis collected me from home and we were at David's ready to depart at 08.00. On arrival at Mayflower Marina, a quick couple of phone calls told us that Simon and Caroline were just turning into the Marina and the Charterer was on board the boat awaiting to carryout the handover. More...

Solent - November 2010

Updated: 13-12-2010

Evening Sky Evening Sky

One of the 'Winter Warmer' attendees, Mick Barber had offered the use of his Sadler 290 "MiSue" as she is moored at Hythe SC in Southampton water. David Gist kindly offered to join "MiSue" at her mooring, so we sailed down to the Hamble to pick up our other crew Nigel Owen, our victual requirements and weekend directions from David Blogg.Two reports for this cruise, from David Blogg aboard "Ariam" and Mick Barber aboard "MiSue" More...

Falmouth - September 2010

Updated: 09-10-2010

Mevagissey Mevagissey

The issues and drama that preceded the event on land fortunately did not carry over onto the water, and everyone who came along had a very enjoyable 3 days sailing in the paradise that is the south Cornwall coast. The "Polbream" incident which overshadowed the build-up to the weekend is reported by Steve Worner on the website. Fortunately Cornish Cruising were able to offer us an alternative yacht, "Me-Go" a Bavaria 36 Cruiser to replace "Polbream", to join "The Raymond" a Beneteau Oceanis 331 Clipper. Two reports for this cruise, from David Blogg aboard "The Raymond" and Nigel Owen aboard "Me-Go" More...

Ever wondered what a 'Cill' was for?

Updated: 18-09-2010

Cill at LW Springs Falmouth Marina Cill at (very) LW Springs, Inner Basin to the left

You can see why marina rates are lower if you have a berth behind a cill. This cill is in Falmouth Marina and on our recent 'Booze Cruise' in September, Lis Jones took these photos to illustrate "a 'tide' in the life of a cill".


"Polbream" - Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37 - suffers loss of keel

Updated: 19-09-2010

Polbream without her keel "Polbream" without her keel, ashore in Falmouth Marina

One of the yachts we have chartered from Cornish Cruising in Falmouth over a number of years suffered a major incident during a charter a couple of weeks before we were due to charter her in September 2010. "Polbream" - Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37 was apparently in Scilly when she is alleged to have struck the submerged 'Little Kittern' rock in Old Grimsby off Tresco.


Scotland - August 2010

Updated: 10-09-2010

The Paps, Jura The Paps, Jura

Having travelled up on Friday to a B&B just outside Lochgilphead, the whole crew had dinner in the Argyll Arms. We were able to pick the boat up early this year and after shopping in the Co-Op we left the basin for the short journey to the sea locks about 3 o'clock. The wind outside the canal was 5/6 as forecast and from the west, the tide going north would have made the Dorus Mor dangerous, so with double reefed main we headed south for Craighouses on Jura, by the time we arrived off Small Isles Bay it was a steady 6 and rising. A windy night on a mooring buoy saw Sunday dawn to a cloudless blue sky.


Summer Cruise - June 2010

Updated: 09-07-2010

Summer Cruise crew Summer Cruise crew

This year's KPCA Summer Cruise aboard "Polbream" was up there with the best we've ever had. The weather was good, providing some fantastic sailing. We met-up with the Littlewoods and cruised in company for a couple of days. Visited new places and some much enjoyed old favourites.

Report: It was the middle of May when the crew of the good ship "Polbream" met to discuss options for the forthcoming KPCA Summer Cruise. The boat was being chartered from Cornish Cruising, giving rise to the possibility of visiting Brittany, the Scilly Isles, the Channel Islands or if the weather was really foul maybe just a West Country cruise. The tides were difficult for Brittany. No problems getting there, but given the limited access time for many places and the prevailing tidal streams, the options for passage making were limited. The Scillies were ruled out as they had been visited by a number of the crew the previous 2 years. A Channel Island cruise got a luke-warm response - no strong desire for Jersey or Alderney - albeit Guernsey was still a popular choice. More...

May Day Cruise - May 2010

Updated: 09-07-2010

Getting ready to 'slip' Getting ready to 'slip'

We arrived at the Marina at 12.30'ish having victualled in Exeter on the journey down. We prepared the boat and slipped the mooring at 15.00hrs. Destination - The river Yealm. The skipper decided to put in 2 reefs when we hoisted the main sail in the Tamar. We sailed through The Bridge, kept the breakwater to starboard and the Mewstone to port and navigated our way safely into the Yealm and moored up on the visitors pontoon. We (or rather the electric pump) inflated the dinghy and then headed for some evening fare at The Ship in Noss Mayo. More...

Frostbite - Solent - Feb 2010

Updated: 19-07-2010

South Cardinal

The Frostbite weekend has become the traditional starter to the KPCA sailing season, usually in the Solent, as it offers the opportunity to sail (almost!) irrespective of the weather forecast. Also, at this time of year there generally aren't queues of people beating a path for boats, giving the charteree the upper hand when it comes to negotiating the charter fee. This year was no different and 2 all round first class boats were chartered, offering both great sailing performance and comfort. In this instance comfort means a dry and secure cockpit and central heating down below! David Gist, Keith Walker and Nigel Owen were the crew of "Blue Lady", a Hallberg Rassy 342. Whilst David Blogg, Chris Winter and Pete Keating, were the motley crew of "Bugsy II", an Oceanis 311. More...

'Gentlemen Never Sail Upwind!' - Solent "Winter Warmer" 2009

Updated: 17-11-2009

Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth

David Blogg, Janet (his mother) and friend Rip Hunter took a Beneteau Oceanis 323 from Hamble Point Yacht Charters at Port Hamble for a most enjoyable trip round the eastern end of the Solent on the weekend of Friday 6th to Sunday 8th November. Due to careful planning (and a bit of luck) they were able to use the elements to their advantage. More...

Falmouth "Booze Cruise" 2009

Updated: 12-11-2009

Polbream, Helford "Polbream" reflected in the Helford (Colin Winter).

For some of us the trip down to Falmouth started pretty early - 07.00!   It was worth the early start however as 3 out of the 4 crew of "Chantan 11" were able to do the victualling en route and were able to pick up the boat shortly after midday. In fact most of the crews arrived early-to-mid afternoon. More...

Ellen MacArthur Trust Skandia Round Britain 2009

Updated: 05-10-2009

Ellen MacArthur and Lis Jones Lis Jones meeting Dame Ellen MacArthur

In August 2009, Lis Jones met Dame Ellen MacArthur during her Cardiff stopover on her Ellen MacArthur Trust Skandia Round Britain voyage. During the voyage the trust was raising funds and awareness to ensure that more young people in the future have the opportunity to experience the challenge of sailing and regain their confidence as they recover from cancer and leukaemia. More...

Scotland 2009

Updated: 03-09-2009

Bellanoch Bellanoch

Force 5 to 7, 8 later! That sums up the forecasts that we got courtesy of the coastguard for our week's charter in Scotland at the end of August 2009. More...

Scilly 2009

Updated: 06-07-2009

Lis and Ruth navigating Lis and Ruth navigating upriver in Falmouth

20th June 2009 saw Lis, Ruth & and Steve joining "Rudius", a 41 ft Hanse for a week’s sailing out of Falmouth. Steve wrote: We rather rattled around in her as we were one short as the 4th part of our team, Nigel, was unable to join us.

We stayed in the marina overnight, for a number of reasons, not least being the boat needed a bit of sorting to satisfy my thoughts on how a yacht should be. More...

Dutch Lady moves for Martin Palmer

Updated: 20-06-2009

Vrouwe Alberdina "Vrouwe Alberdina"

For those following the progress of founder member Martin Palmer and his wife Pauline with their 100 year old Dutch Barge, "Vrouwe Alberdina", after a year in the old sand dock at the Cumberland Basin, Bristol she is finally on the move... More...