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Updated: 17-01-2019

KPCA flying a spinnaker KPCA flying a spinnaker

Keynes Park Cruising Association celebrates its 30th Year during 2019. The Association is based in Bristol and draws its membership mainly from the Gloucester / Bristol / Swindon area.

The former Keynes Park sailing club was formed and originally based at Somerford Keynes in the Cotswolds and when the water drained away they moved to another former gravel pit at Lechlade. When the owners of this lake declined to renew the lease the club had no option but to close down but a chance discussion between committee members Lis Goldhawk and Martin Palmer led to the formation of the Cruising Association with the donation of a sum of money from the previous club as working capital.

Since those early days the Association has gone from strength to strength. At the outset there were only one or two members with any experience (or qualifications) of sailing cruising yachts and for the first few years we organised skippered charters but there was enthusiasm for this new form of sailing and we soon had many qualified Day Skippers and as the years progressed Coastal Skippers and Yacht Masters. Many members were inspired by the successful "Festival of the Sea" held in the heart of Bristol in 1996. During the festival the replica ship "Matthew" was launched, the original was used by the 15th Century explorer John Cabot to set sail for Asia hoping to trade goods and commodities but during the voyage from Bristol he landed in Newfoundland and inadvertently discovered America some years before Christopher Columbus.

No Winter meetings are currently planned.
Sunset at Lymington Sunset at Lymington

During the ‘Summer’ months we organise bare boat sailing trips with one of the qualified members skippering the boat. Typical locations are the Solent in February, South West Coast over the Mayday weekend with trips to the West Coast of Scotland (fully booked) in August, Falmouth in September and back to the Solent in November.

The Association is non profit making and we budget for each trip to break even but should any trip show more than a nominal profit we refund the ‘profit’ to those sailing on that trip at the end of the season.

We welcome new members who are keen to sail without the hassle of actually owning a boat. We do not offer formal training but come sailing with us and you will gain experience from qualified skippers and experienced crew.

Where we have chartered before

Since 1989 we have chartered yachts from many locations around the British coastline and overseas. The map shows where we have been, click on the map for details of each charter location.

UK Map showing where we have chartered from

UK Map Falmouth Plymouth Dartmouth Brixham Poole Southampton Ipswich Milford Haven Conwy Scotland Scotland Ireland Guernsey

Falmouth, Cornwall

Image required

Falmouth is one of the best all-weather harbours in the UK. It offers sheltered sailing if the conditions outside are too much and has plenty of interesting creeks and villages to explore. More...

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Falmouth Marina April 1993 "Teleri", Sadler 34 76 Falmouth, Fowey, Mevagissey, Helford, Falmouth
Falmouth Marina July 1997 Lanherne"Lanherne", Hunter 323 87 Penzance, Marazion, Mullion, Helford
Falmouth Marina September 1999 Freyja III"Freyja III", Sadler 32 68 Fowey, Helford
Falmouth Marina September 2000 "Farthing", Farr 36 40 Falmouth, Restronguet Creek, Falmouth Marina, St. Mawes, Restronguet Creek, Helford, Gweek, Helford, Falmouth Marina.
Falmouth Marina September 2004 "White Squall", Beneteau First 35SS 80 Restronguet, Fowey, Helford - David Blogg reported "A total distance of 80 miles over the weekend sailed in the company of 2 other yachts crewed by KPCA. After a poor start where we had to flush the fresh water tank and a repair to the floorboards before accepting the yacht it was a good weekend of sailing."
Falmouth Marina September 2005 "Me Go", Bavaria 36   Falmouth Marina - Restronguet Creek - Fowey - St Mawes - Gillan Creek Helford River - Falmouth Marina - "The usual 'Booze Cruise' event with a twist this year. We sailed to Gillan Creek, dropped the anchor and went ashore to climb the steep hill to Phil's holiday cottage for a lovely bar-be-que, which was worth the long climb. We sailed with another Bavaria crewed by KPCA, consisting of Steve W, Nigel O, Lis J and others. A great weekend's sailing as is usual on this event."
Falmouth Marina September 2006 ???"You Go" & "Me Go" , Bavaria 36 78 Restronguet, Fowey, Helford - training with rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose. David Blogg reported: "Again there was a second yacht crewed by KPCA, consisting of Phil Bridge (Skipper), Steve Worner, Lis Jones, Nigel Owen, David Tucker. The usual Booze Cruise was disturbed by a Hi Line exercise with RNAS Culdrose, how inconvenient. Seriously a great exercise to observe from the comfort of our yacht as the others were the 'victims'. Another good sailing weekend."
Falmouth Marina September 2007 "Alcyone", Sun Odyssey 35 & "Po Go", Bavaria 36 67 Restronguet, Fowey, Helford, Truro River
Falmouth Marina September 2008 "Polbream", Jeanneau 37   Falmouth Marina, St.Mawes, Fowey, Helford, Falmouth Marina (MWF 4/5)
Falmouth Marina June 2009 ???"Rudius", Hanse 41 ??? Penzance, Scilly, Falmouth
Falmouth Marina September 2009 "Polbream", Jeanneau 37, "Chantan 11", Beneteau 35, "The Raymond", Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 331 ??? Falmouth Marina-Penzance- (Coverack)-Helford River-River Fal-Falmouth Marina
Falmouth Marina June 2010 "Polbream", Jeanneau 37 295 Falmouth Marina, St Peter Port, Carteret, Salcombe, Fowey, Helford, Falmouth Marina
Falmouth Marina September 2010 "Me-Go", Bavaria 36, "The Raymond", Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 331 69 Falmouth Marina, Restronguet, Gorran Haven, Fowey, Mevagissey, Helford Passage, St Mawes, Falmouth Marina

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Plymouth, Devon

Barbican, Plymouth Barbican, Plymouth

Plymouth lies to the east of Rame Head and is one of the finest natural harbours in the country. With its mile long breakwater it has enough shelter for a good weekend's sailing if conditions at sea are too much for coastal passages. There are 4 modern marinas and excellent facilities for visitors. Plymouth is a major naval and commercial port with plenty of vessels of all kinds including surfaced submarines moving throughout the harbour. More...

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Queen Anne's Battery May 1992 "Thistledown", Jeanneau 28 90 Plymouth (QAB), Helford Passage, St Mawes, Fowey, Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery August 1992 "Eliminator III", Jeanneau Sun Legend 41 194 Plymouth (QAB), Fowey, Penzance, Scilly Isles (St Mary's), Helford Passage, Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery April 1993 "Gigha", Moody 31 45 Plymouth (QAB), Newton Ferrers, Cawsand, Cargreen, Cawsand, Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery July 1993 "Gigha", Moody 31 47 Plymouth (QAB), Cawsand, Cargreen, Jupiter Point, Cothele, Calstock, Cawsand, Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery April 1994 "Summertime", Jeanneau Sun Dance 36 103 Plymouth (QAB), Dartmouth, Brixham, Salcombe, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth(QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery July 1994 "Summertime", Jeanneau Sun Dance 36 297 Plymouth (QAB), St Peter Port, St Helier, Banquetts Bay (Sark), St Peter Port, Derrible Bay (Sark), St Peter Port, Plymouth (QAB)
Mayflower marina May 1995 "Jemima Nicholas", Intrepid 40 297 Plymouth (Mayflower), Helford, Gorran Haven, Fowey, Newtown Ferrers, Plymouth (Mayflower)
Queen Anne's Battery July 1995 "Chiron", Jeanneau Sun Legend 41 265 Plymouth (QAB), Scilly Isles (St. Mary's, The Cove, Porth Conger, New Grimsby, Old Grimbsy, St Mary's), Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery May 1996 "No Fear", Oceanis 351 107 Plymouth (QAB), Newton Ferrers, Helford, Fowey, Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery April 1996 "St Luke's Crusader", Sigma 36 38 Yealm, Salcombe
Mayflower marina July 1996 "Jemima Nicholas", Intrepid 40 260 Plymouth Mayflower, St Peter Port, Beaucett Marina, Bray Harbour, St Helier, St Peter Port, Derrible Bay, St Peter Port, Salcombe, Plymouth (Mayflower)
Queen Anne's Battery July 1996 "Freespirit", Colvic Countess 67 Plymouth (QAB), Fowey, Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery April 1997 "Dekanian", MacWester 37 49 Yealm, Salcombe
Queen Anne's Battery May 1997 "Liberty of Dart", Oceanis 350 104 Plymouth (QAB), Newton Ferrers, Falmouth Yacht Haven, Goran Haven, Fowey, Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery July 1997 "Chiron", Jeanneau Sun Legend 41 257 Plymouth (QAB), Fowey, Helford, Scilly Isles (St Mary's, The Cove, New Grimsby, The Cove), Helford, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth QAB
Queen Anne's Battery May 1998 "Liberty of Dart", Oceanis 350 98 Plymouth (QAB), Newton Ferrers, ? Bay, Dartmouth, ? Bay, Salcombe, Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery April 1999 "Liberty of Dart", Oceanis 350 107 Plymouth (QAB), Helford, Mevagissy, Fowey, Polpero, Plymouth (QAB)
Queen Anne's Battery April 2005 "Cleo", Bavaria 34 65 Queen Anne's Battery, Plymouth - River Yealm - Fowey - Queen Anne's Battery, Plymouth - David Blogg reported: "65 miles covered, with some good boat handling aspects although not as much as some wanted. Barry did some blind navigation on the return to Plymouth due to the misty conditions. We were joined by a second boat which had Joan Beasant and Bob Cresswell on board."
Turnchapel June 2005 "Islander", Oyster 41 40 Plymouth,Turnchapel, Newton Ferrers, Fowey, Plymouth Turnchapel. (MWF 5)
Yachthaven March 2006 Cleo"Cleo", Bavaria 34 42 Lynher, Dandy Hole, Cawsand - boathandling
Queen Anne's Battery July 2006 Bertie"Bertie", Bavaria 44   Plymouth, Newton Ferrers, Fowey, Restronguet, Coverack, Helford, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth - winds unfavourable (F8s forecast) for the intended destination of the Scillies
Queen Anne's Battery June 2008 "Bertie", Bavaria 44 225 Plymouth (St Annes Battery), River Yealm (visitors' mooring-vm), Restronguet-vm, Penzance Marina, St Marys-vm New Grimsby Sound-vm, Helford river-vm, Plymouth (St Annes Battery). 8 days on board. 6 crew. Grounded 1hr before low water in 'The pool' at Restronguet Creek, Falmouth. Lifeboat attended until we 'righted'!
Mayflower Marina May 2009 ???"Jester", Dufour 41 ??? Plymouth-River Yealm(Visitors pontoon), River Helford-vm, Fowey-vm, Plymouth. On the way back from Fowey we were downwind and flew the spinnaker.
Mayflower Marina May 2010 Red cans"Jester", Dufour 41 80 Plymouth, River Yealm, Fowey, River Yealm, Plymouth.
Mayflower Marina May 2011 Jester"Jester", Dufour 41 ?? Plymouth, Fowey, River Yealm, Plymouth.
Mayflower Marina June 2011 Jester"Jester", Dufour 41 184 Plymouth (Mayflower), Fowey, Falmouth (Pendennis Marina Inner), Falmouth (Pendennis Marina Outer), Coverack, Helford, Salcombe, Cawsand Bay, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth (Mayflower). Max Wind Force 6

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Dartmouth, Devon

Dartmouth Town Quay Dartmouth Town Quay

Dartmouth lies between Berry Head and Start Point and can be accessed day or night and by any stage of tide. A prominent daymark is visible to the east of the harbour entrance. The approach to Dartmouth feels reasonably narrow with cliffs, fortifications and St Petrox church marking the entrance. More...

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Dartmouth September 1992 "Booper", Westerly 33 276 Dartmouth, Salcombe, Fowey, Newlyn, Helford, Fowey, Plymouth, Newton Ferrers, Salcombe, Dittisham, Dartmouth.
Dartmouth September 1994 "Ocean Light", Oceanis 370 45 Dartmouth, Dittisham, Salcombe, Dartmouth (MWF8)
Town Quay June 1996 "Slipshod", Feeling 960 59 Dartmouth, Exmouth, Dartmouth
Town Quay May 2001 "Puffin", Oceanis 390 135 Eddystone, Fowey, Newton Ferrers, Salcombe
Town Quay July 2005 "Lady 'D'", Bavaria 41 161 Dartmouth - Torquay - Weymouth - Poole (aborted) - Weymouth - Brixham - Dartmouth - "A good start to the week. We met up with Gordon and Anne Littlewood who were on their summer break to the west country. An enjoyable meal was had on board with them in Torquay on the Saturday night. The plan had been to sail to the Channel Islands, Cherbourg and Weymouth in a triangle, but the northerly winds put paid to these plans as the swell and seas in the channel on the return to the UK would have been a long slog. Unfortunately the weather was unfavourable for most of the week and the crew got to know Weymouth quite well staying there for 4 days. The weather improved sufficiently for us to have a good sail/motor-sail across Lyme Bay to Brixham, followed by a quick trip round to Dartmouth on the final Friday. There were some issues with the charges incurred from the charter company which left a sour taste in the mouth. We did manage to sail 161 miles though."

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Brixham, Devon

Image required

Brixham is located in Torbay, one mile west of Berry Head. With its half-mile long Victoria breakwater and its modern marina Brixham is still a bustling fishing port and care should be taken when entering or leaving owing to the frequent movements of fishing vessels. More...

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Brixham Marina March 2008 "Gigha", Moody 31 64 Brixham, Dartmouth, Salcombe, Cawsand Bay, Plymouth (QAB), (MWF 5, Vis 200yds)
Brixham Marina June 2007 ???"White Spirit", Gibsea ?? ??? Fowey, Penzance, Scilly

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Poole, Dorset

Image required

Poole is a large natural harbour that is in many areas shallow but with plenty of deeper water for commercial vessels and pleasure craft. Tides are important to watch as while the range is small the stream runs fast in the harbour entrance. More...

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Cobbs Quay September 1990 "Chitedze", Westerly Konsort 29 50 Cobbs Quay, Lulworth, Weymouth, Studland, Cobbs Quay
Cobbs Quay June 1992 "White Leopard", Moody 33 66 Poole, Weymouth, Poole

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Christchurch, Dorset

Image required

Christchurch harbour lies between the Solent and Poole and although once an important port has now silted up and is limited to shallow draught vessels as most of the harbour is at chart datum. More...

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Christchurch - Mudeford September 1992 "Swallowtail", Catalac 50 Mudeford, Swanage, Studland Bay, Poole Harbour, Mudeford

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Southampton, Hampshire

Image required

Southampton lies to the north of the Isle of Wight at the head of Southampton Water and is one of the UK's most important ports. At the entrance to Southampton Water lies the Solent which is sheltered by the Isle of Wight. To the east lies Portsmouth and Chichester harbours and to the west there is the Beaulieu River and Lymington on the mainland with the island ports of Yarmouth and Cowes on the Isle of Wight and some rural moorings at Newtown Creek and Wootton Creek. More...

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Hamble June 1992 "Seaway Challenger", First 345 100 Southampton, Cowes, Round Island Race, Cowes, Beaulieu, Southampton
Shamrock Quay June 1993 "Seaway Explorer", Jeanneau Sun Legend 41 73 Shamrock Quay, Cowes, Round Island Race, Cowes, Southampton
Hamble Point marina June 1995 "January First", First 34.5 103 Hamble Point, Osbourne Bay, Cowes, Round IoW, Folly Inn, Beaulieu, Hamble Point
Hamble September 1996 "Figment 2", Catalina 32 41 Cowes, Wootton
Itchen March 1997 "Lady", Catalina 36 36 Hamble, Newtown Creek, Cowes
Itchen March 1998 "Bluenose", Rival 34 36 Buckler's Hard, Yarmouth, Lymington
Hamble Point marina September 1998 "January First", First 34.5 45 Hamble Point, Folly Inn, Beaulieu, Yarmouth, Newtown Creek, Hamble Point.
Itchen March 1999 "Viking Lady", Catalina 36 42 Hamble, Cowes
Gosport (Haslar Marina) June 2001 "Malay Girl", Bavaria 34   Round the Island Race
Hamble March 2002 "Sigmadrigal", Sigma 38   Boat handling
Ocean Village June 2002 "Selina", Jeanneau First 35   Ocean Village, Folly Inn, Round IoW Race, Folly Inn, Osbourne Bay, Ocean Village (MWF 5).
Hamble Point Marina February 2003 "Annalee", Hallberg Rassy 36 43 Frostbite cruise
Hamble Point Marina February 2004 "Mr Rhino", Hallberg Rassy 36 28 Frostbite cruise : Hamble Point Marina - W Cowes - Newtown Creek - Lymington - Beaulieu River - Hamble Point Marina
Ocean Village June 2004 "Andiamo", Beneteau First 38 91 Ocean Village Marina, Southampton - Solent area - Folly Inn, Cowes - Round the Island race - Folly Inn, Cowes - Ocean Village Marina, Southampton
Hamble Point October 2004 "Silver Bear", Najad 363 91 Hamble Point Marina - W Cowes - Newtown Creek - Beaulieu River - Hamble Point Marina - David Blogg reported: "A short weekend's sailing of 32 miles in some strong winds which saw us confined to Cowes for most of Saturday. David G, John W and David B ventured out for a walk to Gurnard along the seafront but regretted it when the skies opened."
Hamble Point Marina February 2005 "Islander", Oyster 41 & "Nemo", Bavaria 38 34 Frostbite cruise: Hamble Point Marina - W Cowes - Yarmouth - Hamble Point Marina. David Blogg reported:"A cold weekend, and quite blowy from the north, which caused us to heel on Saturday night as we were moored in Yarmouth harbour. Sunday were greetd by strong winds and at times the snow was horizontal. It was nevertheless a good weekend covering 34 miles."
Hamble Point Marina June 2005 "Andiamo", Beneteau First 38"Nemo", Bavaria 38 103.5 Ocean Village Marina, Southampton - Solent area - Folly Inn, Cowes - Round the Island race - Folly Inn, Cowes - Ocean Village Marina, Southampton - "A great weekend, despite a minor mishap with the spinnaker pole on the Friday. The race started downwind, although there was not agreat deal of it, more a drift to the Needles. We persevered and had a good sail from there to the finish. The result was a minor improvement on the previous year. We covered a distance of 103.5 miles during the trip."
Hamble Point February 2006 Bagadeus"Bagadeus", Bavaria 34 49 Hamble Point Marina - Bucklers Hard - River Medina - Folly Inn - Hamble Point Marina - "We were joined by a second KPCA boat crewed by David Gist, Nigel Owen, Andy & Maggie Hiles. The winds were strong, but the weather was dry. We considered using the storm jib, but the halyard parted, leaving us with a wet sail, but no lasting damage except pride. We stayed at the Folly Inn on the Saturday evening, the others rode out the swell from the NE winds in West Cowes. We had a great sail back to HPM on Sunday, making good time considering the small sail area we hoisted." "Bagadeus"
Hamble Point February 2007 Tern IV"Mr Rhino", Hallberg Rassy 36 & "Tern IV", Najad 33 49 Lymington, Newtown Creek, Cowes, Beaulieu River - "An enjoyable early season trip to get rid of the winter blues and blow away the cobwebs."
Hamble Point March 2008 "Blue Lady"Hallberg Rassy 342 47 Frostbite cruise: Hamble Point Marina - Folly Inn - Newtown Creek - Lymington - Beaulieu River - Hamble Point Marina - "A cracking weekend on board an almost new yacht. Sailing in luxury, covering 47 miles. The other KPCA crew were sailing in an old favorite "Mister Rhino", crewed by Skipper - Steve Worner, Lis Jones, Nigel Owen and A N Other. A great weekend's sailing in some lively conditions."
Hamble Point November 2008 "Ariam", Maxi 34 39 Hamble Point, Cowes (Shepherds Wharf ), Yarmouth, Hamble Point (MWF 7) - "A near empty Solent for 39 miles of sailing in some strong winds, but the weather was fine. A very enjoyable trip was had by all, a good close to the season."
Hamble Point February 2009 "Blue Jay", Hallberg Rassy 342 47 Hamble Point, W.Cowes, Beaulieu, Newtown Creek, Lymington, Hamble Point. (MWF 3)
Hamble Point November 2009 "Aphrodite's Spirit", Beneteau Oceanis 323 40 Hamble Point, Gosport, Cowes, Hamble Point. Weather – Friday - misty and damp; Saturday - bright and sunny; Sunday – chilly, with showers in the wind(MWF 5 gusting 6)
Hamble Point February 2010 "Blue Lady", Hallberg Rassy 342 & "Bugsy II", Beneteau Oceanis 311 45 Hamble Point, Cowes, Beaulieu, Newtown Creek, Yarmouth, Hamble Point. (MWF 6)
Hamble Point November 2010 "Ariam", Maxi 34 & "MiSue", Sadler 290 47 Hamble Point, (Hythe) Cowes (Yacht Haven), Lymington, Hamble Point , (Hythe)

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Ipswich, Suffolk

Image required

Ipswich and its ports of Harwich and Felixstowe are major commercial ports but there are several sheltered rivers and coastal backwaters that offer plenty of opportunities to explore. Tides must be watched carefully as there are extensive mudflats and moving swatchways off the coast. Several rivers have entrance bars which must be crossed with care but once inside there are miles of river to enjoy.

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Woolverstone Marina July 1999 Sailing up Orford"Just Fleur", Kelt 31 77 Orford, Woodbridge, Pin Mill

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Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

Image required

Milford Haven is Wales's largest natural deep-water harbours offering miles of sheltered sailing which is mostly attractive and unspoilt, though near the entrance to the sea several oil refineries and LNG (liquid natural gas) terminals dominate the seaway. The wide entrance between St Ann's Head and East Blockhouse Point is straightforward for yachts. Inside the entrance to the west lies Dale with a welcome pontoon easily approached in the centre of the bay and a drying pontoon intended mainly for tenders at the SW corner of the bay close to the Sailing Club and Pub. More...

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Neyland Marina June 2002 "Ride of a Lifetime", Feeling 10.90 47 Dale, Skomer, Lawrenny, engine extinguisher triggered!

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Conwy, North Wales

Image required

Conwy has a magnificent castle, built by Edward I, which creates a fine backdrop to the harbour. Access to the harbour is constrained by the tide as vessels drawing more than 1.5m may have wait around at LW Springs. There are a couple of marinas here. Conwy is a good base for exploring Anglesey with Moelfre offering an attractive anchorage in its bay. Holyhead harbour is a good refuge in bad weather, tucked around the north east side of rugged cliffs and crags of Holy Island. More...

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Conwy Marina June 2001 "Indian Summer", Sun Odyssey 34 104 Moelfre, Port Dinorwic, Caernarfon, circumnavigated Anglesey

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Image required

My first sight of Scotland was many years ago from the deck of a merchant ship that had just docked in Ardrossan, I had an early morning view of Arran in the Firth of Clyde, the shore line slightly undercut by mist but the mountains standing out clear in the early morning sun, a beautiful picture, if only I'd had a camera. Subsequently many family holidays have been spent up there, particularly on the West Coast, with a small sailing boat so that we could visit some of the many islands. KPCA have been chartering there most years since 1993. The scenery is fantastic, the sailing is interesting being mostly pilotage rather than navigation. In the early days we were mainly troubled with light winds, in the last few years its been more boisterous, but shelter is not too far away anywhere. Fog never happens, well hardly ever, a fog bank rolled in when we were about to leave Loch Ranza in 2006, but it didn't last long. We chartered from a small marina on the Crinan canal in 2008, that gave us the opportunity to go either way through the canal, to sail on the West Coast or the Firth of Clyde. The Canal passage we have done several times before, it takes about 8 hours and is very pretty. If you don't mind the journey North sign up for Scotland sometime, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Ardfern August 1993 "Iolair", Moody 40 212 Ardfern, Loch Aline, Tobermory, Strontian, Coll, Colonsay, Jura, Tayvalich, Ellan More, Ardfern
Croabh Haven August 1994 Tobermory Harbour"Iolair", Moody 40 156 Croabh Haven, Tobermory, Canna, Loch Scavaig, Armadale, Kilchoan, Loch Aline, Easdale Croabh Haven
Armadale(Skye) August 1995 Loch Maddy, North Uist"Interval", Oyster 39 205 Armadale(Skye), Canna, Loch Boisdale, Loch Maddy, Loch Rodel, E Loch Tarbert(Harris), Portree, Armadale
Largs August 1996 "St. Blanes Legend", Legend 336 109 Largs, Lamlash, Campbeltown, Carradale, Loch Ranza, Tarbert, Caladh Harbour, Rothsay, Dunoon, Largs
Crinan August 1997 "Andiamo", Moody 336 184 Crinan, Loch Beag, Loch Aline, Salen, Oronsay, Oban, Crinan
Croabh Haven August 1998 Courtmacsherry"Iolair", Moody 40 184 Croabh Haven, Tobermory, Coll, Treshnish Isles, Gometra Harbour, Iona, Colonsay, Port Askaig, Tayvallich, Loch Na Cille, Croabh Haven
Largs August 1999 "Midnight Mirage", Moody 376 202 Largs, Caladh Harbour, Ardrishaig, Crinan Canal passage, Craighouses, W loch Tarbert, Ghigha, Crinan Canal, Loch Ranza, Lamlash, Largs
Skye , Armadale August 2000 Bowen - Kyleakin"Bowen", Rival 38 186 Armadale, Loch Nevis, Loch Scavaig, Soay, Dunvegan, Rona (Acarseid Mhor), Portree, Plockton, Kyleakin, Isle Ornsay, Armadale
Crinan August 2001 "Shining Dancer", Jeanneau Sunshine 35 235 Crinan, Poldobhrain, Tobermory, Coll, Salen, Loch Aline, Craignure, Ardentrave, Ardfern, Crinan
Croabh Haven August 2002 "Skua", Bavaria 37 135 Croabh Haven, Poldobhrain, Tobermory, Coll, Bunessan, Tobermory, Croabh Haven
Largs August 2003 "Flamingo", Moody S31 203 Largs, Lamlash, Campbeltown, Port Ellen, Craighouses, Ghigha, Tarbert, Rothesay, Largs
Bellanoch August 2004 "Colonsay", Moody 31S 164 Bellanoch, Crinan Canal Passage, Tarbert, Campbeltown, Port Ellen, Craighouses, Crinan, Bellanoch
Largs August 2006 "Kiwi", Moody31 201 Largs, Lamlash, Campbeltown, Tarbert, Rothesay, Loch Ranza, Caladh, Dunoon, Largs
Bellanoch August 2008 "Findeln", Westerly Ocean Ranger 38 165 Bellanoch, Ardfern, Loch Aline, Salen, Croabh Haven, Bellanoch
Bellanoch August 2009 "Findeln", Westerly Ocean Ranger 38 133 Bellanoch,Croabh Haven, Ardentrive (Oban),Tobermory, Loch Aline, Ardfern and a lunch stop behind Carsaig Island before returning to the Crinan Canal for the short canal passage to Bellanoch Basin
Bellanoch August 2010 "Findeln", Westerly Ocean Ranger 38 180 Bellanoch, Craighouses, Colonsay, Coll, Tobermorey, Puilladobhrain, Bellanoch
Ardfern August 2011 "Findeln", Westerly Ocean Ranger 38 ??? Ardfern, Kerrera, Tobermorey, Coll, Gometra, Collonsay, West Loch Tarbert, Craighouses, Carsaig Island, Ardfern

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Cork, Ireland

Image required

The south coast of Ireland offers some classic sailing in waters fed by the Gulf Stream.

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
Cork - Crosshaven Marina July 1998 "Gallivanter", Westerly Discus 33 119 Crosshaven (Cork), Courtmacsherry, Glandor, Castletownsend, Hole Open Bay, Kinsale, Oyster Haven, Ringabella Bay, Crosshaven
Kinsale July 1999 "Sive", Oceanis 376 154 Kinsale, Glandora, Schull, Baltimore, Castletownsend, Kinsale

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Guernsey, Channel Islands

Image required

Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands.

Marina Date Yacht Miles logged Comment
St Peter Port June 2007 "Kush Kush", Sun Odyssey 40 55 Queen Elizabeth II Marina, St Peter Port, Guernsey - St Helier Marina, Jersey - aborted return to St Peter Port - "A mere 55 miles sailed during this disappointing week. The plan had been to cruise the Channel Islands and surrounding French coasts, but the consistent F6 winds and swell resulted in a week in St Helier. We did get to know the island well! The weather window to return to Guernsey materialised but the conditions once we ventured out were such that it seemed prudent not to continue, and we returned to Guernsey on the island hopper aircraft. A good concept for a week's sailing but the weather conditions need to be right for it to succeed!"

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