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June 2013 - Summer cruise aboard "Ventis Secundis", Plymouth

Updated: 29-09-2013

Report from Steve Worner:

Crew : Lis Jones, Ruth Jennings, Gordon Littlewood, Ann Littlewood, Steve Worner and Nigel Owen.

The crew of "Ventis Secundis", Lis Jones, Ruth Jennings, Gordon Littlewood, Ann Littlewood and myself reported to skipper Nigel Owen after lunch on Friday 21st June @ QAB marina, Plymouth. This was the first trip for Gordon and Ann after some years away, having sold their own yacht and rejoined the charterer's fold.

Crew of Crew of "Ventis Secundis"

The target of this trip was to venture across the Channel (and tick a box for Lis) but we had set our own departure deadline of leaving by Sunday at the latest or otherwise stay on the South Coast as the boat had to be returned by 11.00 on Friday morning. The weather forcast was dire with gales or even severe gales until Monday so the decision was made for us. With the wind forcast to increase during Saturday we decided to head as far West as possible on Friday evening and enjoyed a good sail for a few hours ( but sadly not in the right direction) so put on the engine and headed to Fowey, picking up a visitor's mooring well up river in the relative shelter of Wiseman's Creek and enjoyed a pre-cooked meal before turning in.

Saturday morning involved a trip down river on the water taxi and a visit to the British Legion to watch the Lions narrowly beat Australia in the first rugby test match with a further visit in the evening for a meal at the Lugger. Early hours of Sunday morning had us rudely awakened by a big bang and on investigation we found our stern had come in contact with the forward end of the yacht on the mooring adjacent to us. Investigation by torch light and later in daylight showed no damage ( our purple rubbing strip on the stern left a mark to show the point of contact on the other boat). The harbour master had not indicated any problems over our length and we can only assume that the current eddies around the bend, wind conditions (F7) and windage on our hulls had conspired to cause the coming together. Being a good skipper, Nigel spent the next few hours curled up in the cockpit, keeping a weather eye on the situation.

Scilly Isles Scilly Isles

With the wind dropping we brought the boat down river on Sunday and moored opposite the town, fed in the Galleon and had an early night ready for a bright and early start for Scilly next day.

Monday saw an early(ish) departure for Scilly and as usual the wind was unkind so we motored through the day arriving at St Marys for an evening meal on board.

Tuesday and the intention was a quick trip ashore for showers and a bit of shopping but we forgot that the tide goes out, leaving the dinghy high and dry. So a leasurely lunch at the Dolphin was followed by a return to "Ventis Secundis" and a trip to New Grimsby Sound, across the shallows on the flood tide to pick up the visitor's mooring and a meal ashore on Tresco.

Wednesday was a sight seeing trip , exiting out through the West end of the Sound and a trip out around the North and East sides of Scilly to have a late lunch hanging off the new mooring bouys in Porth Cressa bay with a quick trip ashore ( rowed by Lis through the thick kelp) for essential supplies - milk not beer!. Then followed a quick trip across to the anchorage between St Agnes and Gugh, north of the sand bar.

Anchorage, Scilly Isles Anchorage, Scilly Isles

Having dropped Ruth ashore I was a bit disconcerted to see our anchored boat heading towards me as I got close. Having made a quick about turn, I discovered that one of the other boats anchored close by had dragged its anchor and was bearing down on us, fortunately Gordon was alert and started the engine and was doing his best to keep us clear whilst constrained by the anchor. Fortunately, the crew of the other boat had by now abandoned their G & Ts and were sorting themselves out. When everything had settled down I approached the stern only to be sent away (I could get a complex about this) with Nigel as crew to capture two dinghies which Gordon had spotted were drifting down through the anchorage having been left on the bar but floating off as the tide flooded through. Having rescued one we set off for the other, pursued by the owner of the first boat who had 'stolen' another dinghy and was rowing like mad to catch us, not realising that we were on our second rescue mission ( Thunderbirds had nothing on us). Having rounded up the second dinghy we found we were being pursued by another owner who had also 'stolen' a dinghy and wad racing after us in a flurry of oars. We duly returned them to their rightful owners and returned to our Mother-ship only to be harranged by Lis for heading off without paddles ( for the record, we did have lifejackets on). Yet another pleasant meal in the Turk's Head then back to "Ventis Secundis" with another earlyish start on Thursday morning and yet another motor back to Fowey where we arrived late for a final meal aboard and then a quick hop back to Plymouth on Friday morning to return the boat, in one piece, and head homeward.

As usual a very enjoyable week but we are investigating why we never get perfect weather - there must be a Jonah in our midst - think about it !!