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KPCA Alcohol Assisted Weekend - commonly known as "The Booze Cruise"

26th - 28th September

The boats were "Po Go" and "Me Go" ( or was it "You Go" definitely "Po Go" ) - both Bavaria something or other!!

Blackmailed report from Martin Palmer with sundry reminiscences

(Photos - Colin Winter)

This was my first time sailing in a plastic boat for six years, maybe more, I'm surprised anyone remembered me. Pauline and I had just returned from Belgium and the Barge when a chance telephone conversation with Steve mentioned one berth available for the September trip. I was passed into the crew of Skipper Gist with much leg pulling.

One boat was under the dubious care of Steve Worner assisted by Ruth Jennings, Lis Jones and Nigel Owen with the second under the care of David Gist assisted by Mick Barber , Colin Winter and myself. Isn't science wonderful, David turned that big steering wheel thing and the boat did exactly what he wanted to exit our berth. I have become more used to a 2 meter tree trunk for a tiller, an engine which doesn't recognise the command astern, and a 4 meter long "barge pole" which can be used to encourage "Alberdina" to go the way you had hoped.

"Po Go" approaching the transit of the daymark on Gribbin Head and Cannis South Cardinal, with added seagull overseeing us.

Due to the absence of green energy we had to rely on carbon fuel energy to get us to The Pandora in Restronguet Creek where we had a short?? discussion on anchoring depths which was resolved by the inevitable committee. Both crews enjoyed sustenance. I think the last time I enjoyed the company of so many KPCA Members at the same time was when we took the barge up the Caen Hill locks. That day was good value for money - 2 lb of bacon and bread rolls = 12 people opening and closing lock gates for us as we crawled up the 16 lock flight.

Next morning saw departure towards Fowey. What can you say enthusiastically about a generally windless day - I know - we went to Fowey ! Main topic for discussion seemed to be the water taxi charge of 4 for a two minute ride in each direction. Is it worth it? Well for me I'll pay to save wrestling the rubber duck into an erect form. We nearly broke with tradition regarding the dinner location and went to Royal Fowey, but they were busy so we went back to The Lugger. Nearly forgot to say, we did anchor off Goran Haven for lunch on route to Fowey.

"Me Go" ahead of "Po Go", Fowey visitors berth

We are nothing if not predictable - we went to Helford next day! And even had a bit of wind if spasmodic. Steve had done his usual efficient and reliable job in booking a table for us in the Helford Sailing Club. Food was great. What did I just say about Steve? I must be getting Old and Senile.

Next morning David cooked us an ample breakfast. Recipe appeared to be take everything in the locker which isn't in a tin and cook it ! Well done David, it was great. Normal last day plan was to return to Falmouth and cruise up the river before returning to the Falmouth Marina. I think the weight of breakfast slowed us, we missed the river cruise bit and went straight to the marina to be on time for handover.

My personal thanks To Both Crews for good companionship To David for running our boat and To Steve for all the work he put in organising the weekend. (And all the other things he does)

Kate Winslett lookalike ?

Skipper disguised as a Kiwi

Workers on deck in the Helford River

Sunset, Restronguet Creek